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Mrs. Choate

Math 7


 When you email Mrs. Choate.  
Please put your FIRST & LAST NAME as well as class period in the SUBJECT!



Hello student's this is Mrs. Choate. 

I am the MATH 7 teacher on Team Extreme.

I am excited for a great school year. 

Students I look forward to a great year where together we will 

Junior High is a new and exciting time of your life. 
Always remember to do your best!
Remember your success depends on YOU!

Parents, I know from experience that communication is key. Please take the time to find out what your child is learning and find ways to help.  If you have concerns please contact me and I will be happy to help in any way possible.

Thank you, Mrs. Choate 



STEP 1) Students should finish all homework problems by showing work with details.  Late homework will earn partial credit. LATE assignments and ABSENT assignments must be turned in as soon as possible. 

STEP 2) Students need to write down the daily assignments in the BINDER REMINDER. Students need to check to be sure all assignments are completed & turned in on time daily!

STEP 3) Students need to have a designated TIME & PLACE to do his/her homework each night. A good place is at the kitchen table where someone may be nearby to help.  A bad place is on the floor or a bed with a TV & or cell phone in the room, there are too many distractions in this location.  Be smart & get your homework done in a quiet place.

STEP 4) Students need to keep their backpack organized.  A parent should check to see all completed assignments are packed in the backpack in the correct folders and notebooks each morning before going to school. Check weekly for supplies.

STEP 5) Students need to be aware of your current grade. Grades are posted on INFINITE CAMPUS.  The student should keep track of their math grade and get the APP on a phone with alerts for updated information. Be prepared for a quiz often to check for understanding and a Test at the end of the unit.

CANDY BOX Scale Drawing Projects


INTEGER QUIZ  Practice & Mastery

Use these integers quizzes and become an expert at your integers!







Click here to watch a video of the RULES for integers to watch a review video!



Week 6 Letter to Parents Fall 2020

Hello Parents & Students,

How is everyone doing so far after our first 6 weeks of school? I thought it would be beneficial to send you another update about our distance learning in math from Mrs. Choate's Classroom.  Well first of all, it does not feel so empty anymore because I get to see my amazing students every day on my screen.  I am really excited about getting to know them better and better each day.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Please read letter attached.

REVISED Exclusively Online - Junior High

IMPORTANT. This is a NEW Revised Bell Schedule for online classes. It begins on Monday 8/31/20.
Please set new TIMERS or BELLS on your clocks to be sure you attend classes on time. Remember to be in GOOGLE CLASSROOM ready to click on the ZOOM/Google Meet link 2 or 3 minutes before the official start of each class.
Please see attached for the NEW start and end times of online classes.

Choate. Math 7 Welcome Letter 2020 DL. website

Parents & Students,
Here is the Welcome Letter from Mrs. Choate.  I posted it on my google classroom.  But I thought maybe the parents would like their own access to this document as well.
Feel free to save and or print if you would like.
This is going to be a great year,
Mrs. Choate
Never give up.
Always work hard.
Win the race.
Fight the fight.
Be kind to someone today.  It will make a WORLD of difference in someone's life!
Mrs.Choate will post the Daily Math Lessons, Videos, Practice, HOMEWORK & Projects on
Join the "Math 7 Choate" REMIND,
One for STUDENTS. And a separate one for PARENTS.
CNN LIVE (watch during the beginning of Period 2 or 5) at 9:20 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.