Healthy Choices, Lifestyles, and Relationships

Each year in the spring our 7th grade students are presented the state mandated Healthy Choices, Relationships, and Lifestyles curriculum in their science and physical education classes.
The instruction includes several short videos which you are encouraged to watch. The video clips are available at the following link:
Instruction will occur in PE 7 from March 7-8 and in Science 7 from March 28- April 1.
You can choose to opt your child out of the presentations.* 
*'Opt-Out' forms are being updated and will be posted shortly after the upcoming Healthy Choices Information Zoom meeting with principals. Dates to come. View the district webpage here.
Please reach out to Dr. Keyne at [email protected] with questions.

*The full text of AB 329 - Healthy Youth Act can be found here.