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Now that school is in full swing the attendance office would like to remind all our parents and guardians of a few things that will assist everyone in ensuring that your students are able to maximize their learning time here at Arroyo Seco.

1) The easiest ways to excuse absences are with a quick phone call to the school or a note brought to the attendance office.

2) If you send a note to school with your child to excuse an absence or authorize an early dismissal for a doctor/dental appointment please have your child take that note to the attendance office, NOT a team teacher.

3) No parents or guardians should be meeting a student during nutrition, lunch, or between classes without having first checked in with the attendance office and obtaining a visitor's pass.

4) After two (2) weeks, "Unverified" absences will become "Unexcused" absences and may cause your child to be assigned consequences at school. Phoning the attendance office or sending in a note with your child can easily clear these absences.

5) Remember that school starts at 8:00 AM. Please help us ensure that your child get to school on time and ready to learn!

6) Our automated telephone system will call you if your student has missed two (2) or more classes and has been marked "Unverified". Please feel free to call the attendance office if you receive a phone call that you believe is an error. We would be more than happy to assist you clear up the confusion.

A student may be released at any time from school provided the student has the paperwork from the attendance office. However, students will not be released the final ten minutes of school unless it is an emergency and the office gets administrator approval.

If you have any questions concerning your son or daughter's attendance or need clarification on any of our attendance policies, please call our attendance secretary, Kelly Wanjon [email protected]. She is always happy to assist you!