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Dress Code

Dress Code

Professional School Attire Only

Boys- Pants must fit at the waist and crotch (baggy or sagging pants will not be allowed). Pants must be appropriate in size, clean, neatly hemmed and not torn or frayed. Belts must not hang. Shirts must cover chest and stomach and have sleeves.

 Girls- Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh, and must be neatly hemmed, not frayed or torn. Tops must also conceal undergarments and be long enough to cover the stomach and chest. See-through, fishnet, halter, off the shoulder, low cut or immodest tops are not to be worn. All tops must have sleeves.

All Students
Shirts- All shirts must have sleeves. NO tank tops of any kind are to be worn at school.

Shoes- Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times. Slippers may not be worn at school.

Pajamas may not be worn to school.

No hats, scarves, bandanas, or hair rollers may be worn at any time. "Bucket hats" may be worn during PE and intramural activities for sun protection. Bucket hats are available for purchase from the PE department.

Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn on campus.
Clothing that advocates drugs or alcohol or disruptive/gang activities may not be worn. Clothing and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive or which advocates racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice. Clothing and books with old-English or tagging style writing on them will be confiscated. Wallet chains are not permitted on campus.

Arroyo Seco reserves the right to prohibit anything not expressly addressed in this dress code which the administration determines to be offensive, unsafe, or disruptive to the educational process.