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Team Extreme

The TEAM EXTREME Teachers Email & Websites
ENGLISH (per E) = Mrs. Tiffany Cabrera                                                        EMAIL
MATH 7 = Mrs. Lise Choate website                                                                EMAIL
ACM 7 = Mrs. Lesley Day                                                                                   EMAIL
SCIENCE 7 = Mrs. Gail Mahoney website                                                      EMAIL
WORLD HISTORY = Mrs. Jane Larochelle website                                     EMAIL
Mr. Jesse Marshall

Clash for CASH Fundraiser  

This is a TEAM FUNDRAISER sponsored by Arroyo Seco ASB.  This fundraiser is a donation only.  You will not need to sell anything!

These funds will specifically benefit the students on Team Extreme. The Clash for Cash Fundraiser will allow you to support the Team Extreme field trips & team days. Tuesday, August 23rd the beginning of Clash for CASH with a video during SURFER.  Students will learn about this great fundraiser for our school.

TURN IN DAYS: Please turn in before school at the ASB window.

Thursday 8/30,Thursday 9/6, Tuesday 9/11 and Friday 9/14 Before school at the ASB window


E xcellence begins with YOU!

X perts always work hard!

T ry your best on every test.

R each to your highest potential every time.

E veryone can be amazing.

M y success begins with ME!

E xtreme is the wave of the future.



The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.

Laura Ingalls Wilder




Be Prepared for learning each day!

Daily Materials:  Parents, please make sure your child has these recommended materials for class daily.

  • Pencils (math, history & science) & hand sharpener
  • Pens (blue or black & red)
  • highlighters (4 colors)
  • Binder reminder
  • 1 inch 3-ring binder for Math & English (together)
  • 5 star Mead spiral for Ms. Cabrera (English)
  • 1 inch 3-ring binder for History
  • Spiral Notebook for Science
  • Colored pencils
  • Lined paper (20-30 pages in your backpack)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Markers, thick or thin
  • SURFER reading material
  • Personal earbuds or headphones


Welcome to Team Extreme!
Team Extreme is one of the seventh grade interdisciplinary teams at Arroyo Seco. Each team consists of four or more teachers who share a common group of students and the same counselor.  The goal of a team is to create an atmosphere that will help students make a smooth transition from elementary school to high school. Junior high is the middle ground where students begin to build a good work ethic, study habits and responsibility for their own success in school.  We look forward to working with you to make this school year a positive learning experience for your child.
These are the guidelines to make junior high a great success this year. We are here to support our students so they are all successful in 7th grade.  Do not hesitate to contact us by email for questions or concerns.  Students your experience in junior high is important to us.  We want you to know that TEAM EXTREME is your family away from home.  We want to help you be successful in 7th grade so you are encouraged to talk to your teachers one-on-one at nutrition or lunch any day!

We believe that our classrooms are a community where we all need to work, learn and socialize together in a safe and bias-free environment.  In order for that to happen, we all need to adhere to basic guidelines of socially-acceptable behavior.   Honesty, responsibility and respect will be expected from all who enter our classrooms.  Below, please review TEAM EXTREME classroom guidelines.


Classroom Expectations:

    • Students will be respectful to all
    • Students will be prepared, seated and ready to write when the tardy bell rings
    • Students will have their materials everyday
    • Students will use behavior appropriate to a secondary classroom

Classroom Management:  We strive to create and support a positive learning environment.  In the event a student’s behavior interrupts the learning of others, the following steps will be taken to assist the student in making better choices:

  1. Subtle reminder/change of seat/casual chat with the student
  2. After class conference with the student
  3. Parent Contact/Detention
  4. Conference with parent and student with team teachers
  5. Referral to the office (This could also be step one for a serious infraction)


Parents, although your child is getting older, your involvement is still very important.  Ask questions and get involved when possible.  Student will be most successful when they use their binder reminder daily to record assignments, due dates, tests, projects, grades etc. Communication is essential between school and home, and the Binder Reminder is a wonderful communication tool.  Students are expected to use their Binder Reminder in each class.  Homework should be recorded daily, and monitored so you are aware of assignments.  Additionally, a short note to a teacher may also be written in the Binder Reminder.


Keeping Track of Assignments & Grades:  Students will be most successful when they fill out their binder reminder daily to keep track of posted assignments and upcoming tests/due dates.  Daily homework for each teacher will be found on the individual teacher's websites.  

Infinite Campus (GRADES): is updated regularly. (exceptions may occur). See below for the 5 week progress report and Final Quarter grades. But students and parents should check INFINITE CAMPUS weekly for updated grades.


Grading:  Grades will be based on student mastery of the content as reflected in tests, quizzes, classwork, homework, projects, and participation.  The scale for grading is as follows:


Grading scale:  

A=90%-100%        Advanced

B=80%-89%          Proficient

C=70%-79%          Basic

D=60-69%              Below Basic

F=Below 60%       Far Below Basic

COMMUNICATION between students & teachers is KEY!
If you are absent:
  • First, parents call the school and notify the attendance office of your absence.
  • Then, students please contact the teachers ahead of time or the day of your absence so you can stay up to date with your missing work.
  • The day you return, write down the agenda for the day(s) you missed.  See each of your teachers to get your missed work during nutrition or lunch.
  • When completed, write the word absent at the top and turn it in to your teacher at the appropriate place.
  • All questions about missing work should be asked at the at nutrition/lunch/after school by appointment.


Make-Up Policy:  

  • Make-up work from an absence will have a due date established by the teacher.  Late work turned in on the established due date will not have a penalty.  
  • Late work has a penalty determined by each teacher. But it is always better to turn in work late than not turn it in at all.
  • If an assignment is more than 5 days late, you may receive 50% or below.
  • Certain assignments (ex. Labs or in class projects) may not be made up.  You will have to turn in an alternate assignment to receive credit, but check with your teacher for clarification.


Extra Help: Each teacher will be available for extra help during nutrition/lunch and most days after school.  Please have your child just check with the teacher and make an appointment first!

CELL PHONES policy at school

While cell phones are permitted at school and school activities, they are not to interfere with school instruction or activities.  Therefore, cell phones are to be turned off (not on vibrate) and put in backpacks (not pockets) upon arriving to class or before entering any school building.  Students may use cell phones before school, during nutrition and lunch or after school.  

Cell phone and other internet based devices may be used as classroom learning tools. The students will need to follow the teacher's classroom guidelines when applicable. Cell phones are not to be used during passing periods.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in confiscation of the cell phone by school personnel.



All students at Arroyo Seco participate in a school wide reading activity known as S.U.R.F.E.R. (Silent Uninterrupted Reading For Enjoyment and Relaxation).  The first fifteen minutes after lunch each day are set aside for silent reading.  Students are required to have an appropriate novel or magazine (no catalogs) in class every day.


Team Extreme T-Shirts
$12.00 per shirt
Fill out the T-SHIRT ORDER form first. 
Then bring a Check Payable to "Arroyo Seco ASB-Extreme T-shirt" to Mrs. Mahoney

We are pleased to inform you Infinite Campus has two new and improved mobile apps: Campus Student (for students) and Campus Parent(for parents). Download your free app for real-time access to grades, assignments, attendance, schedules, announcements and more.

Download the Mobile App via:

Please note that if you are using the old Infinite Campus app, please download the new app. The old app will no longer be supported.

Team Extreme T-Shirt Order form $12.00 per shirt. 
Fill out this form first. 
Then bring a Check Payable to "Arroyo Seco ASB-Extreme T-shirt" to Mrs. Mahoney