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Important Dates

Important Dates for Membership

This application is for 8th graders only.

1. The application must be submitted by Friday, October 7th, by 3pm. The application must be turned in by October 7th. The application is a two step process.  1. Fill out the application  2. Follow the link to the donation page. If you are not making a donation simply add a zero instead of a dollar amount. Incomplete forms, even if turned in before the deadline, will not be accepted.Responsibility is a key part of citizenship, and an essential part of being an honors student, NO late forms submitted will be accepted. The application is electronic this year due to Covid.
The application can be completed by clicking here
2. On October 14th names of all applicants that have been accepted will be posted on the Arroyo Seco website.
3. October 21st from 5-7:30 pm we will have a drive through medal delivery at Arroyo Seco. Pick-up schedule by last name.

5:00-5:10 A-B

5:10-5:20 C-D

5:20-5:30 E-F

5:30-5:40 G-H

5:40-5:50 I-J

5:50-6:00 K-L

6:00-6:10 M-N

6:10-6:20 O-P

6:20-6:30 Q-R

6:30-6:40 S-T

6:40-6:50 U-V

6:50-7:00 W-X

7:00-7:10 Y-Z

7:10-7:30 -

Make-up time

if you missed

your time.